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Virtual Care

We offer virtual visits for non-emergency illnesses during normal business hours with the Anipanion App. 

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Simple to Use

Download the app, create a profile for you and your pet(s) and request to chat in real time with your veterinarian during normal business hours.

Virtual Visits are perfect for:

Dietary or Gastrointestinal Issues (Vomiting/Diarrhea) Coughing/Sneezing Suture Assessment/Post Surgery Rechecks Behavior Questions Skin Issues Conjunctivitis (Eye Issue)

Frequently asked questions

All clients who have a current patient-doctor relationship with our clinic, which means we have seen your pet within the past 12 months, can request a virtual appointment with their veterinarian!

These Virtual Visits are great for:

Dietary or Gastrointestinal Issues (Vomiting/Diarrhea with no blood present)


Suture Assessment/Post Surgery Rechecks, not including suture removal

Behavior Questions

Skin Issues

Conjunctivitis (Eye Issue), not including swelling or squinting


IF YOU THINK YOUR PET IS HAVING AN EMERGENCY, CALL US AT 512-282-0221 or go to the nearest emergency clinic.

From your computer, visit

From your smartphone, download the Anipanion app in Google Play or iTunes. Allow the app to send you notifications and access your photos and camera in the event you use photos and/or video during your virtual visit.

Enter your email and select a secure password for your account.

No appointment is necessary! Virtual Care is available during normal buisness hours. 

Once you have created an account, login on your smartphone or iPad, select your pet (if you have multiple pets in your account), click START CHAT, view the pricing terms and click OK. Then, select one of the veterinarians that is available online, type in your pet’s condition/concern, attach a photo if applicable and then click START CHAT. 

At this time, Video Calls are not available. 

*You must use a smartphone or iPad for a virtual visit. 

The price for a virtual visit with your veterinarian is $45. In the event that your veterinarian determines you need to schedule an in-person appointment, the $45 virtual visit fee will be applied to the $54.50 office fee. Chats with our customer care representatives and technicians are complimentary.

Payment is collected at the end of your Virtual Care visit. 

You can select which online pharmacy you would like to have the prescription filled. Your veterinarian will type the medication, dose and instructions in the chat and then you will place your order online. Your veterinarian will receive confirmation from the pharmacy to verify the medication was entered correctly and then approve it. If the medication can be filled at a human pharmacy and you prefer, we will call it in for you.

Don’t forget that we have an online pharmacy! 

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Virtual Care is available only for patients that have been seen by a Love Pet Hospital veterinarian within the last year. 

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